Aquatank II - Emergency Water Storage Tank Bag

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The all-new 30 gallon Aquatank II, 60 gallon Aquatank II, 150 gallon Aquatank II and the 300 gallon Aquatank II are ideal for applications when the Aquatank may not be strong enough. The new Aquatank II, with certain precautions*, can be transported in an SUV, truck, camper or trailer, even when it has water in it, without the risk of damaging the unit.


The material used for the Aquatank II, is tough nylon with an inner layer of Thermal polyurethane that is suitable for potable water. This material is durable and flexible. It will not wrinkle, crease or crack. When not in use this unit can be folded or rolled up to take up almost no storage space (about 9" x 15" x 2").

The drain sleeve on the Aquatank II has a male garden hose attachment and the fill sleeve has a female attachment. This allows for easier filling and draining of the Aquatank II and the ability to be hooked up for other applications.

If increased strength and durability, transportation or standardized connections is a must for you, the Aquatank II is right for you. If you need a custom size made for a special application, please contact our sales department for a personalized quote.

* Contained or prevented from rolling from its original position.

Watch a video demonstration of how tough the Aquatank II is!

proudly made in the USA