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Why Choose Aquatank

Water storage is not an everyday consideration and is usually taken for granted. Most authorities agree that a minimum of 2-5 gallons of water per person, per day (including cooking, etc.) is essential. To the surprise of many, the need for water is much greater than the need for food. A person can survive without food for a week but without water after only 3-4 days one can be faced with serious problems. Virtually every bodily function requires water.

Storing water can also be a problem. Not all containers are intended for food content. Aquatank II emergency water storage containers were specifically created to store a large volume in an easy-to-use food-grade container. Prior to actual use, the Aquatank II container only takes up a small amount of space. There is no need to bother with 55-gallon drums, five-gallon pails, or one-gallon milk jugs. And of course all water storage containers, regardless of how they are constructed, can be subject to malicious activity.

Previously, storing large volumes of water using this method has only been available to military, commercial, and marine users, at a much higher cost. Aquatank II containers were created to serve the needs of the average customer at an affordable price.

Although designed to be used for static, stationary conditions, the Aquatank II, does not have to be inserted into a bathtub --  this leaves valuable space for storing additional water for toilets and bathing.

Our new and improved Aquatank II stronger and more chemical resistant than ever. Other improvements include standard garden hose attachments to make filling and draining easier.

Possible Applications

• Man-Made disasters such as terrorism
• Emergency Storage, No huge 55 Gallon Drums
• Hurricanes, Floods, Tornados, Earthquakes, Drought
• Contaminated Water
• Survivalists, Preparedness
• Sporting events
• Camping Expedition
• Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Prisons
• Water Main Repairs
• Gardeners, Greenhouses
• Remote Sites
• RVs, Boats
• Watering Livestock


• Not made from vinyl (PVC), so it won't affect the odor or taste of the stored water
• Constructed of an advanced food-grade material new to the marketplace
• Outstanding tensile, tear, impact, and abrasion resistance
• Excellent water vapor barrier with strong chemical resistance; Complies with • U.S. FDA - Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations.
• Foldable, durable, flexible, and re-useable
• Excellent freeze/thaw ability
• Two openings: A fill fitment with cap and drain fitment with faucet
• Compact and easily stored when not in use